Professor Yeh’s Solo Show at Grizzly Grizzly Selected as an Artforum Critics’ Pick

Posted on March 3, 2020

Paper sculpture of a film projector facing a paper replica of a screen

Professor Imin Yeh‘s exhibition “The Extra Draw of Sauce,” on view at Grizzy Grizzly in Philadelphia February 7 – March 10, was selected by Serena Qiu as a Critics’ Pick for Artforum.

Qiu writes, “Yeh’s decision to conceal the show’s central work establishes her cheeky sense of humor, and offers a tenuous organizing logic for the gathered miscellanea on view. Other small paper sculptures duplicating innocuous objects or creatures are installed just as inconspicuously throughout the gallery. A delicate bug rests midway up a wall (Stinkbug in Residence, 2019), and two white screws faintly protrude from another wall (Screw, 2016). By camouflaging her laboriously fabricated copies of humble things, Yeh invites visitors to bring a heightened attentiveness to viewing the work.”

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