Head of School Charlie White Interviewed in “Hot and Cool” Magazine

Posted on May 8, 2018

Head of School Charlie White spoke with Louise Benson about “The Cyrilla Strothers Project” ten years after its completion for issue 12 of Hot and Cool, a UK-based magazine. For the project, White asked Cyrilla’s parents, siblings, and friends to document her life from 16 until she graduated high school. He is currently planning a book on the series.

White reflects on the project:

“When I started working with Cyrilla, it wasn’t clear what was happening, but I felt that it was a really important record to take at that time. It seemed to be a very specific period, in terms of national identity and adolescence, and the way in which we were using a certain kind of ideal. The whole project led right up to the financial crash, which was very specific timing.”

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