Professor Takahashi and Paper Buck (MFA ’20) Exhibit at the Carnegie Museum of Art

Posted on February 17, 2020

Professor Ginger Brooks Takahashi and MFA Candidate Paper Buck exhibit in “Counterpressures” at the Carnegie Museum of Art, on view February 21 through July 12.

“Counterpressures” presents a thematic group exhibition that addresses the urgency of climate change. The title, taken from a quotation in Pittsburgh environmentalist Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring (1962), identifies the show’s focus on the fraught relationship between humans and the environment.

This exhibition features new and existing work by ten Pittsburgh-area artists that acknowledges the transitory state of the environment; the ecological, economic, and public health consequences on the horizon; and how these conditions intersect with their own lived experiences. Through their selections of materials, the use of data and documentation, their surrealist imaginings, or references to urban development and disconnection from nature, these artists grapple with the ecological present and its uncertain future.

“Counterpressures” has been developed in partnership with the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh, the oldest continuously–exhibiting visual arts organization in the country.

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