Exhibits from Professor Rich Pell’s Center for PostNatural History are on view at Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Posted on October 24, 2017

“We are Nature: Living in the Anthropocene” is the first exhibition in North America to focus on the Anthropocene, he current geological era in which humans are making a profound impact on the geological strata.

The exhibition examines evidence of this new era observed in taxidermy, minerals, and more from the museum’s hidden collection that Carnegie Museum of Natural History’s scientific staff selected to exemplify the Anthropocene. Each object tells a story of climate change, pollution, extinction, habitat alteration, or modification at the hands of humanity. Positive stories about humanity helping and repairing ecosystems are also highlighted in the exhibition. Learn how the natural has been modified into the post-natural, and find out about the results, both intentional and accidental.

Six exhibits from Professor Pell’s Center for PostNatural History, which is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge relating to the complex interplay between culture, nature, and biotechnology, are included in “We are Nature.” The exhibition opens on October 28.

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