Professor Pipkin’s Project Featured on FiveThirtyEight

Posted on May 20, 2019

Illustration of the YouTube logo against a grainy black and white background

Professor Everest Pipkin‘s latest project, “Default Filename TV” was written about by Gus Wezerek for FiveThirtyEight. The project is a YouTube aggregator that serves only videos that never had their filenames edited out of the camera. The project is available to watch for free at

Wezerek writes, “‘Default Filename’ feels quietly radical in 2019. The project imagines a YouTube without recommendation algorithms that think you only want to watch beauty tutorials, Avengers outtakes or product unboxings. It’s a glimpse of a timeline where Google and Facebook didn’t create and capitalize on a vast economy of tracking, prediction and control. ‘Default Filename’ is a portal to an expansive, serendipitous internet — an internet that’s ours again.”

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