Professor Shimoyama Exhibits at Miles McEnery Gallery

Posted on November 19, 2020

Professor Devan Shiomyama‘s work is included in the group exhibition “Sound & Color” at Miles McEnery Gallery in New York, on view November 19 through December 19. The show is curated by Brian Alfred and accompanied by a digital publication featuring an introduction by Alfred.

In his renowned podcast “Sound & Vision,” Alfred speaks to various artists and musicians about their creative process. He has found that music often plays a major role in the lives of artists, whether they are active performers or avid listeners. “I have often said that music is an incredible parallel axis to art making in describing and understanding the creative process. They both have their idiosyncrasies, but they share much in the process,” he said.

For “Sound & Color,” Alfred has brought together artists who, in diverse ways, represent sound on the visual plane. The exhibition is an exploration of the ways in which artists grapple with picturing sound and its relationship to images, and how artists can use the element of sound to heighten the dynamics of an image.

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