Cooper-Siegel Professorship in Art Awarded to Professor Devan Shimoyama

Posted on August 30, 2018

Cooper-Seigel Professorship in Art Awarded to Professor Devan Shimoyama

At a ceremony on Tuesday, August 28, Professor Devan Shimoyama was awarded the Cooper-Siegel Professorship in Art. The professorship, designated for junior faculty, is for a three-year term and may be renewed once.

“Devan’s energy alone shifts moods and transforms expectations—and his work, as much as his person—helps us to see the light in every scenario, the joy in every dynamic, and the magic in the everyday,” Head of School Charlie White said. “From the transformation of the body to a shimmering form of wonder and grace to transcending the erotic into a vision of majestic-celestial glory, Devan’s canvases allow us to see beyond the limits of our normative culture and to embrace beauty and desire without fear or hesitation.”

White added, “We are greatly indebted to the academic enrichment the Cooper-Siegel professorship affords our faculty, and for the scope and vision this generous support allows for the Schools of Music and Art.”