Kunstpalais in Erlangen, Germany Presents Solo Show by Professor Shimoyama

Posted on May 14, 2021

“All The Rage,” a solo exhibition of Professor Devan Shimoyama‘s work will open at the Kunstpalais in Erlangen, Germany on June 19. This is Shimoyama’s first solo show in Europe.

Luminous color, bright outlines, sequins, rhinestones, fabric, feathers—and time and time again the artist himself, in mythological, fantastic, or historical roles: the material collages by Shimoyama are midsummer night’s dreams of alternative masculinity. In his works, Shimoyama dissects masculine stereotypes and reassembles them as brilliantly as haute couture to counter narratives of vulnerability and resistance. As Shimoyama says, he uses materials that a drag queen would use to create her glamorous outfits and fantasy characters. The exhibition continues through November 14.

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