Professor Washko Exhibits in Two-Person Show in Rome, Italy

Posted on January 11, 2022

The Gallery of Art of Temple University Rome presents the exhibition “Mixed Media: Lucia Marcucci/Angela Washko,” which places in dialogue the works of Lucia Marcucci (Florence, 1933) and Professor Angela Washko (Reading, Pennsylvania, 1986), from January 18 through February 2.

The exhibition, curated by Gaia Bobò, traces a connection between the very different artistic experiences of the two artists, distant in time and space, as they reflect on the interaction between feminist themes, and the evolution of the media and of the instruments of communication. The female glance, intended as a driving force and as a social barometer able to overturn stereotypes, demolish power struggles and build the foundations of a new language, is here presented as the topic of investigation.

A pioneering figure in the Italian Neo-Avantgarde and Visual Poetry, and a member of the Gruppo ’70, Lucia Marcucci has demonstrated over the course of many decades an incessant poetic experimentation, investigating and overturning the value system and the advertising paradigm.

The work of Angela Washko, an American artist and feminist activist, explores the transformation of the urgencies and the challenges presented today by the female condition. The artist is committed to telling complex and unconventional stories about the media we consume from unusual perspectives as she investigates how the patriarchal primacy has branched out into a new artistic vocabulary, rooting itself in the immaterial dimension of the web.

An opening reception will be streamed live on Facebook at 1:00 PM ET on January 18.

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