Empty Circle Gallery Presents Two-Person Show of Professors Johnson and Slavick

Posted on January 27, 2022

Empty Circle Gallery in New York City presents “ASUNDER,” a selection of video, sculpture and works on paper by Professors Andrew Ellis Johnson and Susanne Slavick. “ASUNDER” speaks to being torn apart or in pieces—whether through war, revolution, ideological impasse or willful ignorance. Division abounds, between truth and lies, justice and inequity. The exhibition is on February 12 – March 12, 2022.

This show features creatures both earthbound and airborne. Swept up in the tumult, they embody the aspirations and failures that both separate and unite us. Pigs—an intelligent species—swell with corporate greed or wallow among strewn books. Collective knowledge is reduced to and consumed as pulp. Facts are denied, truths twisted and trampled. Birds promise to rise above it all, but remain grounded. They strut past devastation or perch on rubble, going about business as usual or surveying a world in pieces—to be put back together again.

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