Professor Alisha Wormsley Exhibits at Broadway Gallery in New York

Posted on September 7, 2021

Professor Alisha Wormsley‘s collaborative work with Kite is part of the group exhibition “Interior Scroll or What I Did on My Vacation” at Broadway Gallery in New York City, August 5-27. The exhibition is organized by Soft Network, a cooperative platform established by Chelsea Spengemann and Sara VanDerBeek for connective arts programming.

Taking its title from both the extraordinary Carolee Schneemann performance that was first staged at Ashawagh Hall in East Hampton on August 29, 1975 as part of Joyce Kozloff and Joan Semmel’s radical feminist exhibition entitled “Women Artists Here and Now” and a series of happenings organized by Allan Kaprow in 1967 throughout the Hamptons for CBS’s historic news program “Eye on New York,” Soft Network’s summer project gathers artwork, ephemera and moving-image from a group of intergenerational artists in a sprawling, visual poem on mediation and re-mediation.

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