Congratulations 2017 Art Award Recipients

Posted on May 9, 2017

Congratulations to our undergraduate and graduate student awardees! The School of Art Awards recognize excellence across all disciplines, and seed the creation of new work. 2017 marks the addition of The Birnbaum Award to our family, in honor of CMU alumna and renowned feminist artist Dara Birnbaum. Presented annually to a graduating senior whose work exemplifies art at the intersection of media and technology, this year’s Birnbaum Award goes to Lauren Valley.
Freshman Awards:
A F Porter Award, Joshua Kery
Anne Ophelia Dowden Award, Ava Kling
Anne Ophelia Dowden Award, Mairead Dambruch
Anne Ophelia Dowden Award, Miranda Miller

Sophomore Awards:
E P Howard Award, October Donoghue
J L Porter, Ashley Chan
Anne Ophelia Dowden Award, Rebecca Groves
Anne Ophelia Dowden Award, Tina Goparaju

Junior Awards:
Marjory C Glassburn Francis Award, Jenna Houston
W A Readio Award, Josh Archer
Samuel Rosenberg Award, Summer Leavitt
Samuel Rosenberg Award, Kasem Kydd

Senior Awards:
Marjory C Glassburn Francis Award, Joni Sullivan
Samuel Rosenberg Award, Anna Azizzy
Samuel Rosenberg Award, Miles Peyton
Samuel Rosenberg Award, Bridget Quirk

Interdisciplinary Award/s:
Matt Constant (BFA ’18) and Theodore Teichman (BSA ’18)
Sarah Stinson-Hurwitz (BHA ’18), Daniel See (BHA ’18), Faith Kaufman (HCII ’18) and Nick Boston (Phil ’18)
Katie Rose Pipkin (MFA ’18) and Claire Hentschker (MTID ’18)

C.G. Douglas “Wrong-Way” Corrigan Travel Fellowship
Alex Lukas (MFA ’18)

Dara Birnbaum Senior Award
Lauren Valley