“The Hidden Drawer,” a Solo Exhibition by Shana Moulton MFA ’04 Opens at Atlanta Contemporary

Posted on October 3, 2017

“The Undiscovered Drawer” presents many of the therapeutic products that promise betterment, as Moulton’s other half, her surreal character Cynthia, explores a cabinet that at first appears small in stature, but drawers conceal other drawers, opening up worlds within worlds within worlds.

There are many secret compartments just for Cynthia, places for her to hide away her hopes and fears, dreams of a fantastical bygone era where she once had strength to unabashedly be who she is. A drawer within a draw unfolds to reveal an ergonomic keyboard, which Cynthia calmly, but full of skill, drums a Coldplay instrumental with a set of roller facial massager tools, meant to remove double chins. She completes another of self-care which results in another and another adventure. Each of these keys are an invitation to somewhere else, to put on a disguise, be yourself and someone else simultaneously. The fantasy is not outside, but the idea of outside. An awareness and desire to flounce freely, to bask in the glory of the sun, and remain in that small sliver of utopia until it’s time to return home.

The exhibition is on view at Atlanta Contemporary from October 3 to November 5.

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