Students and Alumni Exhibit in “More Delicate Things: Mixed Media Femme Art” at Bunker Projects

Posted on April 4, 2017

Brittany De Nigris MFA ’17, Lauren Valley BFA ’16, and alumni Claire Gustavson BFA ’13, Anna Nelson BFA ’13, and Anna Shepperson BFA ’13, exhibit in “More Delicate Things: Mixed Media Femme Art” Apr 7-17 at Bunker Projects in Pittsburgh, PA, during Unblurred gallery crawl.

“More Delicate Things” curated by Anna Nelson and Meg Wolensky showcase works by female and non-binary artists that range from the heartbreakingly sincere to the absurd. This group exhibition presents artists from both Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. The works are at once vulnerable and unapologetic. They reveal the soft underbelly of feminism in the 21st century, a return to intimacy, nudity, softness, pain, and tears as poetic tactics in a fight for recognition, respect, and survival.

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