In our image-saturated culture, CMU’s drawing, painting, print, and photography classes challenge you find new ways that two-dimensional work can confront complex and timely ideas. You will take courses that use traditional forms of 2D working—such as figure drawing, oil painting, darkroom photography, and relief printing—as well as classes that integrate mixed media and digital processes.

Here are a few recent advanced courses:

Concepts of Figuration
This course pushes you to think about the human form beyond observational drawing. You will consider the figure as a symbol to explore narrative, anthropological, cultural, sociopolitical, gender, and dream-life imaging. Mixed media exploration is encouraged.

Screen Printing for Sculpture & Installation
This advanced screen printing intensive expands the notion of what you can make with traditional print media. You will create immersive wall installations, participatory social sculpture, objects that act as interventions, and hand-printed textiles that can be used in soft sculpture or in wearable forms.

Using paint, collage, and digital media, you will learn how to apply a wide range of color theories and systems to express concepts in your own work.

Survivalists – Print/Draw
In this course, you will experiment with making prints and drawings from found materials, from forests and alleyways to kitchens and basements. 

Imaging Liveness: Photography and Performance
In the era of smartphone cameras and continuous documentation, this class challenges you to examine photography’s relationship to our physical bodies. You will learn about the relationship between performance and recording and experiment with your own ways to capture liveness.